Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Weekend of Street Preaching

Well, it has been an interesting weekend. We went out street preaching for Spring Break in Panama City, FL. Many of the members of our Home Church came out with us. It was a real blessing going out. We were able to talk to a few people who were walking down the sidewalk and

we had a lot of conversations with the people in vehicles. Hopefully some of them listened. It is sad to see all the people who think they are saved and are either not saved, or they are not following the Lord. We dealt with three girls who, two of them are Baptist and one is Pentecostal, they said we were doing it the wrong way. They said we were only showing anger and calling people names. By the end of the conversation the one girl was crying because we were making her job harder. She couldn't see that the reason we are out there is because we care. Many of those people will never walk into a Church. Hopefully they will read the signs, hear the Scripture or even get preached at and get mad enough to go home and open a Bible and read it. We did get out some tracts also which many put in their pockets. Overall it was a very good time and hopefully we can go out again next week.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Charity,

What a nice blog! I can relate to the street preaching stuff you're talking about. People here always think we're "mean" as well when all we're doing is giving them the truth. Pretty sad, really.

I like your skirt in the first picture. Very pretty. =)

God bless, sister!

Lydia H.

Aaron said...

Hey guys hope y'all are doing good, Like your pic.