Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, it has been quite a while since I have had time to put up a new post. We have had the Kentucky Derby and just recently the Indy 500 for events but we have also had meetings up in Chicago, IL.
The Indy 500 went well. Most people came in Friday but we had some dear friends, the Owens, come in a day early so we were able to spend some time with them. On Friday we were busy getting set up for others who were coming in. We had a good crowd this year with over 50 people. Many from Michigan, Chicago, Ohio, NY etc. Our family had to set up beds and get arrangements for all those people to sleep in the Church:) Many came in during the middle of the night and early morning. We had a good day Saturday out witnessing and passing out tracts for the parade. Some of the people had to leave after the parade as they had to get back in time for Church. They were greatly missed:( We did a big meal that afternoon for everyone. We had a pasta salad along with deli sandwiches. The pasta salad was great, compliments of a wonderful friend from NY. Then that evening the men went out to preach at Georgetown, which is a time that the men only go. It gets kind of rough so they prefer that women stay home. Which we did and had a great time of fellowship together! Most of us stayed up until the men got back around midnight. Then it was up and running again early the next morning. We left by 8:15 in the morning after getting the Church set back up for them to have service that morning. The preaching went very good. We had a mild time with only one incident where the police had to pull someone away from us. It was very mild compared to the Kentucky Derby:) After it was over we went to get something to eat and then went back to the Church. Many of the people left within a few minutes so they could get back home but some special friends from Chicago stayed and we had a volleyball game with these two ladies and the Craft family. The boys team won one game and the ladies team won the other. The ladies from Chicago had to leave soon after. We were wishing they had been able to stay. They are like sisters or as the girls say, Aunts:) We should be seeing them in August when we go to our Northern home church.
It is now raining here in Indy but we will be leaving soon to go to Illinois to a friends house for a while. We will be able to tune in to some Church meetings from home on Skype:)!!! And get some rest. Too bad we missed the graduation at our home Church but we heard it went well.
I can't believe the year is already almost half over. It has really gone by fast. We are planning on going out west a little bit in August-November. Hoping to be able to go home the end of October for a quick visit!:)