Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Fun Week!!

What a fun week we have had! My sister and I have been staying with the Owen family in NY while the rest of the family was in PA. Needless to say we have had some great fun and it has been a nice rest. On Wed night we went to Antioch Baptist for Church and on Thursday we went to the Square in Buffalo. The concert had been canceled because of the rain that day but we still went down and had many good conversations with the Gothic youth and others.
Then on Friday there was supposed to be a concert by Billy Joel and Elton John that we were going to go preach at and pass out tracts for. A couple of hours before it started we found out it had been canceled because one of the singers had become sick. Well, we went down anyways as many people did not know it had been canceled:) We still had opportunity to witness to some and pass out many tracts. It was amazing the distances people had driven for this concert. Many were from several hours away in NY and we heard some from Ohio, etc. These people drove a long ways for their idol but yet many Christians will not put themselves out to hear good solid preaching, etc. Anyways, we still witnessed as we walked to the HSBC arena and back to our car. We met the Church of Scientology who were in downtown Buffalo with a table and literature. Bro Greg was preaching as we went by them and one man came over to talk to us. He made many false statements such as a fool cannot witness for the Lord, you have to be highly educated to tell the Gospel, that Christ never raised his voice but was always meek and mild, etc. We finally moved on as he was just wasting our time.
Today we went down to the Canal Fest in downtown Tonowanda. We passed out many tracts as we were on our way to our preaching corner. We got set up on the bridge in an out of the way corner and Bro Greg started preaching. Within about 30 minutes the Event Staff came over and told us we could not pass out tracts, nor could we preach on that sidewalk. Eventually everything got settled and we were able to continue preaching and passing out literature. We had many who gave us a thumbs up or came over to say they agreed with us. What a change from the normal! Hannah was getting kind of fussy as we were ending and it was starting to really rain so we packed it up and headed back home. There were several others out from different Churches who were also giving out the Gospel.
Now we are getting ready for dinner tonight and Church tomorrow. It has been a busy week but it has been very fun too. Hannah has been such fun to play with and Sally is a very good friend. I will greatly miss them when we go back home but I will see them next Thursday.

Have a great weekend all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In New York after camp meeting

Whew!! What a busy week it has been! We have been in Lockport, NY for an old-fashioned camp meeting at Antioch Baptist Church. The first two meetings I did not get to go to because I was sick(: I still am not feeling good but I feel better than I have. It looks like I may have bronchitis but I am taking lots of herbs and natural stuff. As I was saying though we were at a camp meeting this past week. Bro Ron Williams, Bro Tim Hargett, and many others from different states, including Florida, Vermont, Ohio, etc came up for the meetings. I really enjoyed the preaching, especially Bro Hargett's. We had meetings every morning and then we had lunch, some free time and then dinner and back to meeting until about 10:00 every night. What a week! Then on Friday we went to Niagara Falls for some evangelism and playing of instruments. It poured the whole time but we got many tracts out anyways. Then Saturday we had our own day full of witnessing at the Jehovah's Witness convention, the pride parade and then the Mormon Hill Cumorah that evening. It was a late night and then up again early in the morning for Church. I loved the whole week though. It was tiring but refreshing at the same time and I know I needed the preaching. Hopefully, Lord willing, they will do the camp meeting again next year and we will be able to come up for it. Now my sister and I are staying at a friends house here in Lockport while the rest of the family is in PA for the week. We are having lots of fun and a great time of encouragement and refreshment after being on the go all last week. Please everyone pray that I get better soon though. It is definitely no fun being sick and this cough is pretty bad(: Hopefully it will be gone soon. I can't wait:)