Monday, June 22, 2009

In New York

I have safely arrived back with my family after a little bit of trouble departing Panama City:) It never worked out to get pictures up on here from my trip down south. I didn't have room to bring my camera and was going to borrow one but just never got to it. It was busy, busy the whole time I was there. Not that it is any different from normal:) We had lots of fun though. Our flight went well with no other problems. After arriving in Indy we went to Ohio to a friends house for some fun. We stayed there for 2 days and then had to go to a Church in NY for a meeting. This is the first time at this Church and all went well. Dad preached all day yesterday and many came to the altar. We are now going to a state park near Erie, NY for a little while. Then we have another meeting next Sunday. Hope the weather clears up as it has been rainy and muggy up here.


Anonymous said...


Dan wanted me to pass a message on to you and Hope. The message is that he has noticed good changes in Lauren since she has been around you. For example, she brought her dad a glass of lemonade today without being asked.

Thanks for being a good example to her.

Kat and Dan