Friday, March 13, 2009

A Busy But Satisfying Week.

Well, this week has been very busy. We are finally back at our Home Church and everything is like normal. I personally have been helping one of the ladies here by watching her children for her so she can sew and plan for a wedding that is coming up. They have 7 children so it is a full-time job watching them but it is fun. The youngest is an adorable little girl and then the next 3 boys(who are all boy) are so fun to be around! They found two frogs the other day and thought they were the greatest thing. Of course, younger sister had to play with them too:D It makes for a busy time but I enjoy it. I love children and these little ones are very cute. We have also been working on Masters Club with many of the children here at our Home Church. Timing while doing relays, quizzing on Bible verses, etc. The big event is the end of this month in Pensacola which is always fun. So, while it has been a busy week, it has been very satisfying and fun.


SusanChappel said...

You have been SOOOO busy! What a blessing you are to be helping the family out with their children!
It sounds like you all had a time out their witnessing at Spring Break!

SusanChappel said...

I tried to be a follower of your blog, but saw nowhere to do that...