Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are now in Ohio at a State Park. The weather is really lovely, JK. It is raining and one town about 20 minutes away had sleet. The temperature has dropped too so it is about 40 degrees here. Not too bad if it wasn't so windy. We are preparing for the Kentucky Derby which is coming up fast. We have people coming from NY, FL, OH, IL, etc. It will be 2 very long days. Praying that we get some good conversations. Missing friends from down south more and more.


Karyn Redd said...

Hey girl, sorry it's taken me so long to look ya'll up, we've been really busy around the church getting ready for the youth rally which starts on friday. Hope everything is going well for you, and I really liked the post about the reading materials, no offense was taken on my part, but my personal preference on the word issue, is that if there's even 1 word, I get rid of the book. And I don't read too many non-Christian books either =) Well, I'll see ya'll in October Lord willing. Love ya, Karyn Redd
P.S. My email is =D