Saturday, October 24, 2009

New update

Since I last did a post we have traveled down to our home church, gone to a street preachers meeting in GA, visited a Church in IN, and are now in Illinois. At our home church we had a good time as always:) Had some game nights, the boys were able to go to the gym with the Maynards, and all the other normal fun stuff. We had a good Sunday meeting with Dad preaching all day. We left there on a Wed. leaving our trailer there and heading to GA for a street preachers meeting. We had very good preaching on the street as we went to the Georgia State University. I was able to go both days and I had many good conversations. One girl asked about the modest dress and I was able to answer her questions where she understood. She also thanked me after-wards for answering her nicely and where she was able to understand. It seems she had a friend who used to wear only skirts and dresses but this lady was never able to explain to her WHY she wore them. So that was a big blessing. We were supposed to go out and preach a game but the weather and all prevented us from going out. We then headed to Indianapolis to visit a Church for a couple of days. We were hoping to be able to see some friends from the home Church as they were up north on vacation but it never worked out:( We are now heading to IL to visit with a friend in Nauvoo. I will try to put up some pictures of our past couple weeks. I have some really cute pictures of Gracie. But I have to go now as we have a birthday party to start:) Mercy turned 9 today!!!
Everyone have a great day!!


Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

*GASP* You were NICE to someone??? Haa Haa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to tease you when I can since I am your only friend. HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Anyway, sounds like you guys have been busy. It's always so good to hear about what you have been doing. Keep up the good work! Sure do miss ya'll! (Like my southern accent there? I have been practicing!)

Take care, love ya!